At Ora-Tech we have a vision of where we want to go, and it’s really exciting. To achieve our vision, we are always looking out for talented, learnable individuals who are ambitious, who love challenges and who have a passion to excel!
At Ora-Tech, you will not only have challenging work right from the beginning but will also be working with some of the most talented, hardworking and smart people in the industry. You will have a work atmosphere which is both motivating and fun. Your work will revolve around interesting projects and prestigious clients, whose challenging demands will give you new skills, knowledge, and experience every day.

Ora-Tech Advantage
“Ora-Tech Advantage” is a formal program designed to maximize employee satisfaction. We actively promote a dynamic work environment where diversity, camaraderie and professional excellence help define our company culture.
We recognize there are four key elements that contribute to employee satisfaction:

Company Culture
We have a strong set of company values and we promote practice open and honest communication at all times. Team members are encouraged to tell us what they want, and how we can achieve it and they’re recognised publically for their contribution.

We have pleasant work environments and each regional office has a lively social calendar, ensuring there are plenty of opportunities to build meaningful relationships.

Employee Benefits
Remuneration is part of attracting and retaining high performers, and Ora-Tech has a competitive remuneration structure with regular salary reviews and performance bonuses.

Long serving employees are rewarded with up to a week’s additional annual leave, plus we reward staff for excellence through our recognition program throughout the year.

Career Management
Our career management program incorporates a performance management system and training program. All team members are reviewed twice annually and provided with personalised career planning advice through one-on-one mentoring and coaching.

We’re also committed to a high level of training to meet both the individual’s career aspirations, and the business need. We have structured training courses in consulting skills, leadership skills, presentation skills, as well as technical courses that include dimensional modeling.

Job Satisfaction
Job satisfaction is one of the primary keys to retaining our staff. To achieve this we’re committed to pursuing interesting and challenging opportunities with clients who share our values. By tailoring these assignments to individuals’ personal goals, and safeguarding a healthy work-life balance, we enjoy a healthy retention rate and believe we are quite simply a great company to work for.