Solvency II Advisory & Consulting Services (S2ACS™) offering is built on years of experience and successful programme delivery for large insurance companies in the area of risk management, data management and compliance. The best practices acquired by years of experience in this field are translated into actionable templates, case studies and workshops to add direct value to client’s implementation needs.

Our team has more than 50 years of proven track record of successfully delivering business and IT solutions across diverse technologies for both large and small Insurance and re-insurance companies.

S2ACS™ is aimed to :

“Smart Implement” the Solvency II compliance requirement with reduced cost and time. This is built from years of experience of delivering large Compliance programmes at major insurers.

Implementation focused: We will NOT waste your time on endless power point presentation like many consulting/training organizations. Instead each and every workshop we run, the interaction/meeting we do with you will result into tangible deliverables to help implement Solvency II.

20% Cost Reduction: We guarantee to cut down your implementation cost by up to 20% by our use of tried and tested templates, case studies, delivery methodology and in-depth domain experience.

3R(Risk to Reward Roadmap): Our team of industry practitioners will not only help you cut down the cost/time to implement Solvency II but will devise a “Risk to Reward Roadmap” for your specific organization context that results into business & operational agility, lower TCO and bring competitive differentiation.

Hitting a running target: Our expert Research and Development (R&D) team rigorously follows the ever-evolving requirements on Solvency II, so you don’t have to.

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Need more information: email – s2@oratechnologies.co.uk