Light’s ON Support Services

Ora-Tech provides our customer with a world-class monitoring and retained consulting applications and database management solution. Ora-Tech proprietary management capabilities allow us to deploy a management solution that securely monitors, assesses and alerts the Ora-Tech staff to potential issues with our customer’s environments. We will report these areas of concern to our customer for assessment and remediation. EVERY DAY will provide its “Lights-On” customer with a “Hands- on” DBA generated system analysis report. MONTHLY Ora-Tech provides its customers with a detail system analysis and performance/tuning report. YEARLY Ora-Tech assesses our customer Disaster/Recovery and Backup/Restore solutions.

Ora-Tech will be available to work with customer to remediate issues on a time and material basis.

Services included in Oracle “Lights-On” Support Plan:

  • Monitoring Service Level Agreement
  • Remote Database Performance Monitoring
  • Remote Database Backup Monitoring
  • Remote Database Event Monitoring
  • Time and Materials DBA maintenance
  • Time and Materials Phone / Email support
  • Time and Materials Oracle TAR management
  • Daily update on system stability
  • Monthly Health Check Report
  • On-Call 24×7 Pager Support
  • Retained Consulting Solution

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